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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Purple Haze

Ever Since I returned from the NYIGF, I can not seem to get enough purple into my life. There where so many new prints and patterns dripping in the color, it was practically a smorgasbord of purple products for every room of your house. Lavender, Periwinkle, Violet (your turning Violet,Violet!), Indigo, Plum... Every shade of purple you could dream of was there at The Javits. I have to say, I was always on the fence of whether I liked purple of not, but this bed from Yves Delorme really made me swoon!

How divine is that crisp white sheeting with the richness of that velvety purple quilt?

These Table Accessories, by Kim Seybert were also beautiful. This metallic lavender setting is one of my favorites. I really like how Kim's designs are so multi functional. Her napkins and accessories always mix together so well for both a casual setting, as well as a more formal occasion.

I also had the pleasure of meeting fashion designer Peter Som at the show. Peter was there introducing his new collection of bedding that he designed for Sferra. He was very nice to take the time to talk to me about his bedding, which he modeled after his colorful and chic clothing line. He also mentioned to me that the "PS I Love You" collection, of Sheets and Pillows, is named after a nickname he was given in college (Peter Som, I love you)! Wish I knew the whole story behind that one, but I had to bite my tongue not to pry too much into his personal life! Here is a picture of Chrysanthemum, Peter Som's take on purple!

I hope you enjoy these few takes on purple. I could go on for 10 more pages but I'll stop here. P.S (pun intended), take a closer look at peter Som's the throw pillows in the picture above!

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