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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tropical Table Accessories

I am in love with these new Bali Placemats we just got in at Pioneer Linens. They are so cute and casual for summer. They are handmade from natural straw. The little circles that adorn the sides are made from coconut shells. The color is my favorite. Especially on the Havana Napkins also featured in this picture. Here is a close up of the napkins below...The silhouette look with the big palm leaf, reminds me of Hawaii. These napkins are so fun and tropical, great for summer. The color is so pretty, I want to take them to the beach with me for a picnic. They will match the ocean perfectly! The napkin rings are also awesome. I would wear these napkin rings as a braclet, if it would fit around my wrist. They look just like jewelry. The colors are really fun together and bright. I'm pretty smitten with this style, its just so fresh and fun. What a great collection. Hope you enjoy!

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