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Friday, June 5, 2009

My Life In Linens

Where should I start? I have so much to share. Firstly, my name is Camille Murphy and I must say, I am very excited to begin this blog today. As someone who has kept a life journal for over 12 years, I am delighted to finally share out loud with the world all my daily and past adventures. I inherited my love for fine linens from my family's linen store, Pioneer Linens (which is now 98 years old!) Located in West Palm Beach, Pioneer Linens was always a hot shopping spot for some of the world's most impressive interior designers. Our customers taught me some of the finest design techniques and inspired my everyday life. My mother as well, was a huge inspiration, I was about 10 years old when she took me to my first Designer Show House and I was in love with home decor ever since. My mother would also give seminars on table setting and I would stand beside her and teach people different ways to fold napkins. I loved hanging around the store after school, so I could help out with deliveries to different homes in Palm Beach. It was always exciting to step foot into some of the biggest houses in the world, as well as to see how they were decorated. My linen store is a part of my history and I am now the 4th generation working in it. I am so lucky to love my job and truly feel inspired everyday with all the new styles in bedding, table linens, bathroom accessories and home decor. I hope my experiences and tips through Lessons From The Linen Closet can inspire your everyday life. Enjoy!

I'd like to start my very first post off with a quote from Charlotte Moss's book, A Flair For Living. "How we decorate and what we collect are embodiments of all that we are- our preferences, our beliefs." A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to attend a discussion and slide show by the designer herself, Mrs. Charlotte Moss. During her slideshow, she showed pictures from her apartment in NYC and her home in the Hamptons. Each room in her home was filled with different treasures she had found and fallen in love with during different trips she had been on. She talked about her obsession with vintage vogue magazines and her massive collection of pagodas. Within only an hour, Charlotte Moss had let me and the rest of the audience into her very personal world, her home . I felt the quote above is an appropriate way for me to begin my blog because I am a firm believer that great home design comes from within your soul. How you decorate your home is a true reflection of how you feel today, how you want to feel in the future and how you want others to feel in your presence. A true incite into your very own definition and concept of beauty. One of my greatest past times in life is getting to visit someone elses house. Whether I want to leave as quickly as possible the moment I walk inside (which def happens sometimes) or spend the entire day their secretly wishing the house was mine. Getting to go inside a new house has become my guilty pleasure. So if you think your home is fabulous or just want to show your personal style, feel free to send me some pics of your favorite room. I would love to see what makes you unique!

And... if you if your looking for a great gift or a treat for yourself, try Charlotte Moss's Leftbank Candle and Diffuser!

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  1. these look gorgeous, i'll have to try them out