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Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Settings

This morning I experienced a reality check that SUMMER has arrived! I was leaving my house for work and the moment I stepped outside my sunglasses started to fog. Let me tell you, there's nothing like a touch of south florida humidity to get your day started. Minus the frizzy hair and the fear of hurricanes, summer has always been one of my favorite seasons. My week seems to go by faster and my weekends are always filled with something fun. Beach parties, dinner parties, and vacations with friends, there is just something about this season that puts everyone in a better and more relaxed mood. So this week, I would like to dedicate my blog to the new season. Here's a sunny picture from my hometown, West Palm Beach, to get you in the summer spirit! I love being outside, as much as I can, during the summer. I particularly love setting up my patio table with fresh linens for brunches, dinners, and tea parties for friends. The picture below is from one of my sunday brunches I had last summer. I like to use a simple, bright colored tablecloth. The napkins and placemats in the picture below are called Festival, by Sferra. I really love the classic hemstitch boarder and the great selection of colors that Sferra offers. The pink color is one of my favorites. It really pops out on a bright day. My mother always taught me that the key to a well dressed table is layering. So I always double up my tablecloths using a cutwork tablecloth on top of a solid color. Then whatever color you have underneath comes right through for a nice pattern. Again, I like to layer so I use both a linen placemat and a charger. I keep my table casual with a wicker or bamboo charger. It's perfect for outdoors and easy to clean. My outdoor table, or indoor table included, is never complete with out a napkin ring. To me, a napkin ring is like a piece of jewelry. Great napkin rings will complete your table like a great necklace or pair of earrings will complete an outfit. I'm particularly in love with these shell napkin rings. If napkin rings arn't really your thing. A simple folded napkin is always a nice alternative. Here is a great table from Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Collection featured on House Beautful's Website. Table Runners, like the one above, are also great to have on hand. Especially if you are hosting a last minute get together, placing a table runner down the center of your table will always look clean and decorative. I use a white linen table runner that is monogrammed at each end. It gives my table a more unique and personalized look. To add the final touch to your great summer table, cut some bright flowers from your garden for a colorful center piece. If your like me and don't have time for a garden, just steal some from your neighbors yard! (ask first, of course...) My favorite summer flowers are hydrangeas, they are big and colorful and remind me of weddings. That just made me think of another summer activity I always look forward to, wedding season... Horray! On that note, I will end this post with the person I like to call, "Goddess Of The Garden"- Martha Stewart. If only I had been born with her green thumb...
Photo courtesy of The Seatte Times, taken by Dittie Isager

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  1. Ah I wish I was there. It is cold and raining in my part of the world.