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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What The Shell?

In the past few weeks, I have noticed an abundance of shell designs everywhere. I'm aware that shell designs are a common trend for Florida, but recently I have seen designers using them on everything. I have to say, I've never been completely shell crazy but some of the designs I've seen lately are really fun. This morning at work, our sales ladies were changing the bed in our display window to some new bedding from LuLu Dk. I have always loved the patterns and prints by LuLu Dk, so I was excited to see what her new designs are for the season. When the bed was all made up, I went back to see how it looked and the picture below is what I saw. It's shell madness, I tell you... I actually like this bed a lot though and personally I think it would be great for a guest bedroom at a beach house. I like that it comes in a coral color as well. And Lulu Dk's linens are some of the finest sheets, that will last forever. Her new line is filled with shells, we also just got in this new design too. It's called Treasure. The pillow cases, embroidered with the coral design, are my favorite. The color is nice too. Her new shell designed throw pillows are also something to take a look at. I love the mosaic motif she did here, it's really unique. Shells also adorned the inside of Elle Decor last month, when the magazine went inside the home of actress, Ali Wentworth and ABC News Anchor, George Stephanopoulos. There home is located in the DC area and shows that they too are fans of the shell movement. They are seen on almost every shelf in their home. Below are some pictures taken by Simon Upton, for Elle Decor. I love the one that sits in the fire place. Their collection of shells in the picture below are used almost as a piece of artwork. The collection is actually quite impressive. What a statement... To view the rest of their shell infused home and to read the article, click here Elle Decor And the one other shell display that I thought was great, is this one below, from Southern Accent's article about colorful table settings, picture taken by Carlos Domenech. Its hard to see in the picture, but the sides of the placemats have shells sewn on them. The thing I am really in love with, is their display of laying shells randomly around the table. What an easy way to add some decoration. I will definitely be hitting the beach later to see what I can find!

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